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London's iconic black taxi is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. These vehicles have been ferrying passengers around London's streets for over a century.


London black taxi has become an integral part of the city's transportation network. 

Here are five things you may not know about the London black taxi:


1- They are wheelchair accessible


One of the most notable features of the London black taxi is its design. The vehicles are equipped with a ramp that can be lowered to allow passengers in wheelchairs to board the taxi. 


This design feature is unique to the black taxi and has made it an important mode of transportation for people with disabilities in London.


2- Black taxi drivers must pass "The Knowledge."


To become a black taxi driver in London, one must pass a rigorous test known as "The Knowledge." This test requires drivers to memorize every street and landmark in a radius of six-mile of the Charing Cross – the centre of London.


It is one of the reasons why black taxi drivers are widely regarded as some of the most knowledgeable and skilled drivers in the world.


3- Black taxis have a turning circle of just 25 feet.


Despite their size, black taxis are incredibly manoeuvrable. The vehicles have a turning circle of just 25 feet, smaller than many compact cars. 

This makes them ideal for navigating London's narrow streets and tight corners.


4- The first black taxi was introduced in 1901


The black taxi has a long and storied history in London. The first black taxi was introduced in 1901, quickly becoming a popular mode of transportation for Londoners. 


The iconic black cab design was introduced in the 1940s and has remained largely unchanged ever since.


5- They have a turning meter


Finally, it is worth noting that all black taxis in London are required to have a turning meter. This differs from the traditional meter used in other taxis, which calculates the fare based on the distance travelled. 


The turning meter ensures that passengers are only charged for their time in the taxi, which is particularly important in London's notoriously congested traffic.


In conclusion,

The London black taxi is an iconic symbol of the city that has been ferrying passengers around its streets for over a century. From their wheelchair accessibility to their turning meters, the black taxi has several unique features that make it an important part of London's transportation network.

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