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Did you know that London is a city built under 2 millennia of historical worth? It will not be surprising to see the age-old culture and tradition seeping into all aspects of living, including transportation. 


A unique story you will find on London streets is Black Cabs. Similar to the concept of ‘Yellow Cabs’ in New York, London too has “Black Taxi London”. It is ubiquitous to dialy travelling for Londoners.   


Let’s hop on the ride and get to know the enlightening theory of London’s legendary Black Cab. 


What do you mean by Black Cab London? 

The historic classic Black Cab London is a distinguishable hackney carriage with a high ceiling and curved sides. Its history is dated back to the 17th century in the times of horse-drawn carriages for hire, which was then ordered as an act of parliament.


Later in the 1940s, the hackney carriage cars became the iconic status of London streets we know as ‘Black Car’. 


Why is Black cab famous in London? 

Black cabs in London are so famous due to their navigation features. The drivers of these black cabs do not use satellite navigation. Rather by heart the routes to London streets.


This tradition indicates that around the year, only a third of applicants get a driving license. So, your Black Taxi London cabbie will know every route to Heathrow Airport from Barbican Restaurant if you are travelling. 


What is the relevance of Black Taxis and Bowler Hats? 

One unique fact attached to Black Cab London is the Bowler Hats. This fact dates back to the 17th century when the horse-drawn equivalent cabs had to be tall enough to fit a person wearing a bowler hat. Thus, this fact makes black taxis have higher roofs than normal ones. 


What is top light illumination in black cabs? 

Every Black cab on London Street will have a top light on its roof. It will illuminate in yellow or orange if the cab is available to ride. This will make it easier to hail the cab.  


Closing Summary 

You need to know these points about the Infamous London Black Cab to make your next ride spectacular. If you want to hail a black cab, Taxi To London Airports will provide you with prompt black cab services. Hail your cab now and enjoy the city easily. 

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